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Consolidate the power of Huimei and lead the way through the wind and waves

Time: 2022-08-27
Huimei Industry's 2022 Pilot Plan to Launch
Huimei Industrial   Gao Juan

At the beginning of 2022, Huimei Industry made talent cultivation one of its annual strategic goals. Through decoding the strategy and conducting interviews with senior leaders, the talent cultivation project was launched around the needs and pain points of various companies for talent.

At the top-level consensus seminar, group executives clarified the talent standards, training targets, training forms, training objectives, and training themes of the Navigation Plan. Through the screening and recommendation of various subsidiaries, a total of 31 core personnel participated in the interview evaluation for the onboarding process. After a collective discussion between group executives and an external consulting team, it was finally confirmed that the top 20 candidates have officially become students of the Navigation Plan.

The pilot program is based on the training concept of "integrating training and combat", and revolves around the "7-2-1" principle of adult learning. The training plan design includes classroom training, after-school practical training, mentor guidance, team sharing, and other links, using a four-line approach to enhance students' abilities.

A customized course design was carried out on the theme training line, taking into account the needs of the organization and the weaknesses of students' abilities. In the classroom, the form of "red blue" PK confrontation was adopted to stimulate students' deep thinking and effectively improve their enthusiasm. At the same time, the Navigation Plan also invited professional teachers from group executives and Zuoyou consultants to give lectures, and detailed interviews and communication were conducted before each lecture to ensure the effectiveness and practicality of the theme course content.

Action learning line, based on the actual business scenarios of the group, designs differentiated action learning topics for each thematic course to ensure that students can integrate theoretical knowledge of the course with practical work, and ensure that students can apply what they have learned.

The mentor leads the teaching line. This training project adopts a mentor system, with each group of students assigned a mentor. The mentor participates in the entire course discussion, provides after-school guidance, guides students' learning direction, and stimulates their learning motivation.

Personal growth line: Determine a systematic training model framework before the course, evaluate students' general qualities and abilities, provide each student with a dedicated personal development report, help students self-awareness, and formulate personal development plans.

The opening ceremony of Huimei Industrial's 2022 Navigation Plan was held on the morning of July 30th at Huimei College, and a two-day themed course was held from July 30th to 31st. The guests attending this enrollment ceremony include Mr. Cai Changle, Chairman and President of Huimei Industry, General Managers of various subsidiaries, and a mentoring team composed of Zuoyou Consultants. Mr. Lv Qi, the consultant of Zuoyou, introduced the implementation method, overall training process, and training theme of this navigation plan to everyone.

Next, the students of the Navigation Program appeared on stage and took the oath, and the mentors issued invitations and gifts for the students to enter the camp. On site, a mentor appointment ceremony was also held, and Mr. Ren Kun, a consultant from Zuoyou, as a representative of the mentor team, expressed his expectations and encouragement for the students.

Finally, Mr. Cai Changle, the chief supervisor, delivered a speech stating that this talent cultivation project is based on the company's vision of becoming a respected and sustainable enterprise. For enterprises, sustainability is primarily based on basic construction, and this talent cultivation is fundamental construction; For all students, it is also a good opportunity to improve their sustainability. I hope everyone can be humble and pragmatic, learn and grow together!

After the inspiring slogans of the group photo, the pilot plan officially set sail. Huimei needs to cultivate and reserve a group of senior management talents who dare to innovate, are good at collaboration, and are capable of being on their own. No matter how big the external storms are, Huimei's "big ship" can remain unchanged and adapt to changes, reaching the other shore of success.

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