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The 34th anniversary celebration party of Huimei Holdings was successfully held in Chang'an

Time: 2022-08-31

On July 29th, the 34th anniversary celebration party of Huimei Holdings was successfully held in Chang'an. Due to the control of the epidemic, only a portion of guests, evening performers, award winners, and staff members totaling over 200 people were present this year. The evening party was broadcasted online through video accounts to companies in the United States and abroad, attracting more than 3000 viewers and receiving a total of 40000 cheers.

Today, the epidemic has been ongoing for three years. In the past three years, the epidemic has had a significant impact on our work and life. Faced with unprecedented pressure and impact, we can only break the situation by changing our thinking, gathering the strength of our team, and actively seeking opportunities. Therefore, the 34th anniversary celebration is themed with "Gathering Energy, Creating a New Chapter", conveying positive and upward power to the people of Huimei.

The service award ceremony has always been an important part of the ongoing Huimei anniversary celebration. Compared to previous years, the total number of people who have won the 8-year, 12-year, and 20-year service awards this year has reached a new high, with a total of 108 people. The shining gold medals they hold in their hands are a recognition of Huimei and a witness to their continuous development.

Technical awards are another important aspect of the celebration evening. Huimei Holdings has always attached great importance to the inheritance and innovation of technology. The company has an independent technical team and encourages new technologies and solutions through special funds every year, continuously contributing to Huimei's growth in the professional field.

The annual Craftsman Award represents Huimei's continuous focus and spirit of excellence in the manufacturing field. The Huimei people who have won the Craftsman Award are excellent technical experts from various subsidiaries and positions.

This year, we have added the Value Practice Award, with the theme of Huimei's integrity, respect, collaboration, learning, innovation, and customer-oriented values. At the group level, we have recruited excellent project teams as a unit, and ultimately, six teams have won the award. Practicing values is an important way to promote the implementation of corporate culture.

The evening program is mainly composed and directed by Huimei employees, and compared to previous years, the quality of this year's program is even better. From time to time, audiences express their appreciation to the actors through bullet screens. It is worth noting that a considerable portion of the feedback from Huimei's departing employees expressed their attachment and blessings to their "old employer".


After the party started, Huimei's circle of friends was quickly swiped by the exciting photos of the party. Huimei people expressed their good wishes for Huimei's 34th birthday and sincere feelings towards Huimei through sharing on their social media. At this moment, although the global Huimei people cannot gather on site, everyone's hearts are tightly connected, and the Huimei team is stronger! Gather energy and create a new chapter!

Wishing Huimei better and better!

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