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The charge horn has sounded, everyone charge ducks~

Time: 2022-08-21
Dream of a new journey, set sail and sail again——Record the Eight Campaigns of Jingfeng
Jingfeng Deng Wenqiang

2022 is a challenging year for the manufacturing industry, as the global epidemic continues to evolve and the external environment becomes more complex and severe. In the context of the domestic economy, we must adhere to the overall tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability, do a good job of cross cycle adjustment, and lay a solid foundation for the company's development throughout the year.

The Origin of the Eight Major Campaigns

In order to better respond to the internal and external situation, in January 2022, Jingfeng held the 2021 Jingfeng Q4 strategic review meeting. Under the leadership of Consultant Zuoyou, we took a proactive stance and conducted a summary and review of our annual work for 2021. Together, we sorted out, collided, and focused on the company's strategic status quo, seeking better ways and methods to meet the new challenges of 2022.

At the meeting, each member divided into groups to describe typical strategic scenarios, starting from external opportunities and threats, internal strengths and weaknesses, and conducted in-depth analysis and exploration of the current situation. Through a debate competition, the threats and opportunities faced by Jingfeng were discussed, and a consensus was reached to determine Jingfeng's strategic focus for 2022& Flash; Eight major battles MWB. MWB is the abbreviation of Must Win Battle, which means a battle that must be won. It is the concentration of Jingfeng's confidence in facing the new challenges of 2022.

On April 15, 2022, the Jingfeng Strategic Conference was held at Huimei College. Jingfeng invited Mr. Cai Qinghua, Vice President of Huimei Industry, and leaders from Huimei Industrial Organization Development Center to guide work. The attendees also included the Commander in Chief and Deputy Commander in Chief of the Eight Major Campaigns

MWB1 focuses on developing new customers, expanding new business, increasing sales revenue, and rationalizing business structure, led by Tian Jin, Deputy General Manager of Jingfeng. Faced with new challenges, Mr. Tian said:; In order to better cope with overcapacity, technological innovation, improvement of business structure, and continuous development of new business are the necessary paths for our company. We must fight and win this battle ” They envision that Jingfeng can develop two or more new customers, and the assembly of components and functional finished products can achieve breakthrough and mass production

MWB2 focuses on improving collaboration and operational efficiency through informatization, led by IT department manager Lai Xianbrown “ Standardization, systematization, and systematization are the development direction of our company. I will be in charge of this battle, and I am confident that we can achieve it ” Lai Xianbrown said. They envision a unified collaborative office management platform and a unified operation management platform ITized by Jingfeng to achieve the IT-based application of quality management

MWB3 focuses on improving the efficiency of automation equipment utilization, led by senior engineer Ping Dongdong from the PIE department “ In 2021, the automation coverage rate of Jingfeng workshop increased from 13.3% to 36.3%. Improving the efficiency of automation equipment is the top priority of this year's work. I will fulfill my mission and successfully complete it ” Ping Dongdong spoke confidently. They envision that the OEE of Jingfeng Automation Equipment will increase from 63.8% to 75%, with an average transfer time shortened by 25% and a 20% reduction in transfer fixture costs

The theme of MWB4 is to open up the domestic brand market and improve sales channels, led by Luo Shiming, the director of Jingcheng Project Department “ The lower limit of enterprise development is determined by factors such as strategy and business model, while the upper limit of enterprise development is constrained by channels. Mastering new channels and marketing skills is necessary to break through stagnant growth and sales difficulties ” Facing the future, Luo Shiming is ambitious. They imagine that Jingfeng will improve three online sales channels (Tiktok, JD, Ali), develop five distribution agents, and reach the sales target of 15 million yuan

MWB5 focuses on improving new technologies, developing new processes, and introducing applications, led by project manager Li Jin. Facing new challenges, Li Jin said:; The development of new technologies and market competition have become increasingly intense, and the product lifecycle has become shorter and shorter. We must assess the situation, fully seize the opportunity, and improve our technology and craftsmanship in order to be more competitive in the market ” They envision that Jingfeng can receive bonus points from customer innovation assessments, complete two innovative process mass production annually, establish a control system for electronic product assembly, and establish process technology promotion standards

The theme of MWB6 is to enhance cross departmental and internal resource and organizational collaboration capabilities, led by Shi Maoyong, Senior Manager of Jingxin “ The external environment is constantly changing and complex, and the market competition is fierce. After the market changes from a seller to a buyer, the density and quality of collaboration demand between departments will also increase exponentially, making organizational collaboration issues more prominent. The campaign aims to enhance synergy, which is essential for the company's development ” Shi Maoyong shared with us. They envision that Jingfeng will actively cooperate with various departments to meet the rapid response needs of DJI customers for mold testing and trial production, and the customer's comprehensive evaluation will be satisfactory

The theme of MWB7 is to improve process quality control capabilities, led by Wang An, the head of the quality department “ Improving process quality control capabilities is a top priority for the company's development. The campaign is internal self improvement, and we will make every effort to improve based on the main defects in each production workshop and the pain points and difficulties that affect the qualification rate ” Faced with the quality battle, Wang An'an is full of confidence. Jingxin has obtained major customer suppliers; Le Mei's customer performance evaluation scores above 82, with a process qualification rate of 98%

The theme of MWB8 is to enhance the abilities of management personnel, led by Liu Dan, the manager of the human resources department “ Management can change enterprises, and truly changing enterprises depends on leaders. The behavior of business leaders, especially at critical moments, is a significant factor affecting the success or failure of the enterprise. Therefore, improving the abilities of management personnel is very important for enterprises, and I will definitely lead everyone towards victory ” Liu Dan said. They envisioned that Jingfeng could develop a 1.0 version of the Jingfeng Management Personnel Job Training Checklist, with a 100% success rate for campaign project plans and a rotation of 4 people

Summary of the Eight Major Campaigns

Zuoyou's consultant Lv summarized and reviewed Jingfeng's strategy over the past two years. He emphasized that there are no industries that continue to improve, but there are companies that continue to improve. If a company wants to survive, it must take advantage of the situation and grasp the direction. While expanding into the market, it is necessary to practice basic skills internally, enhance market competitiveness externally, seek one's own advantages, consolidate relative advantages into absolute advantages, and achieve conversion and monetization; Internally, we need to find our own driving force and firmly believe that any problem can be solved.

Finally, Mr. Cai Qinghua, Vice President of Huimei Industry, praised the eight major battles of Jingfeng. Cai Sheng stated that Jingfeng's team is a team with spirit and energy, and even if each battle has challenges, it will definitely be successful. Er Cai Sheng reminds everyone that ideas need to be refined and implemented, and only with a plan can they proceed steadily. At the same time, the plan needs to be comprehensively carried out, horizontally connecting communication and standards among various multinational departments, vertically expanding new business, and digging deeper into the needs of existing customers. Er Cai Sheng also expressed his beautiful expectations for the Jingfeng Campaign, hoping that Jingfeng can continue its glory and create new achievements.

The eight major battles are the strategic direction of Jingfeng in 2022, which have a decisive impact on the development of Jingfeng's business units. They are important measures to leverage and support Jingfeng's performance in 2022. Let's look forward to Jingfeng's victory together.

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