DongGuan Wellmei Industrial Co.,LTD

Business scope --Surface treatment (screen printing, spray, electroplating, IML)

Business Scope



Dongguan, Guangdong:Dong Guan Topview Plastic Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Injection type

Manufacturing, molding and secondary processing of plastic molds (molding: precision molding, two-color molding, IML, high-pressure molding, composite board printing; secondary processing: spray, transfer printing, screen printing, laser carving, and CNC)

Production capacity

More than 30 sets of mold and 115 sets of injection molding machine: more than 80 Sumitomo and Frank motors, 3 high-pressure forming machines, 3 automatic spraying lines, respectively 1 reciprocator and manipulator, 43 CNC carving machines, and 40 laser carving machines. ISO9001 certification.

Product scope

Mobile phone, household appliances, health care products, consumer electronics, unmanned aerial vehicle, and etc.

Kunshan Huimei


Kunshan, Jiangsu:Kun Shan Wellmei Plastic& Mould Industrial Mfg. Ltd.

Type of surface treatment

Spray, ultraviolet curing, screen printing/transfer printing, part assembly, and etc.

Product scope

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